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The Real Pie Co

Not many places can say that they have had customers queuing down the high street for their handmade pies, but here at The Real Pie Company we can honestly say that is how our family business started. It all began with a village butcher’s in the heart of West Sussex and has brought us to where we are today, offering you a great selection of pies, pasties, pastries and crumbles that have all been made using our very own recipes.

One review that has always kept us going? “These pies are real pies, they have huge chunks of meat in them, my husband just loves them. He said they are always crammed to the crust.” These are the words that keep us filling our tasty pastry bases to the brim with chunky filling, and one of the reasons why our pies are so popular with our customers.

20 years later and we still love what we do, and we will continue to make our savoury delights and sweet treats by hand, using the best ingredients, for your enjoyment.

The Real Pie Philosophy

The Real Pie Company are passionate about Pies. Every pie is hand crafted and ‘crammed to the crust’ with mouthwateringly tender chunks of meat encased in a hand finished puff pastry top and a short crust base. Real Pies for Real Pie lovers.

Crammed To The Crust

When you pick up one of our Real Pies you will notice it feels heavy that’s because it is ‘crammed to the crust’ with mouth wateringly tender chunks of meat in a rich gravy. You can’t hurry a master piece so the meat in our pies is slow cooked to make it succulent and tasty. Its all wrapped up with a light puff pastry top and a short crust base to the family recipe. But don’t take our word for it try one today

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