About Us

The Real Pie Team

Christine Cossins

Managing Director

Christine has been Managing Director at The Real Pie Company since July 2012.  She overseas customer services, marketing and all the processes, ensuring every little detail is “just so”, from the crimp on the pastry to sourcing all the great British ingredients used in the products. Her knowledge and experience gained over 20 years in the food industry ensures you are getting the very best of everything!  She has been responsible for entering the pies into various awards over the last few years, they have been crowned Award Winners at British Pie Awards, Great Taste Awards, Quality Food Awards and Farm Produce Awards. A winning combination of quality products, dedicated management and of course, a great team.

Brett Hornby

Operations Manager

Brett is the represents the next generation of artisan pie makers. Brett’s family ran a successful local artisan butchers. Brett is as passionate about pies as the family. As a youngster he loved the delicate frosty topping on the magical crown of the fruit pies…a junior master pie maker was born. Brett still uses the traditional recipes handed down by the family and the traditional pie making skills to give them the tastiest fillings. He knows a good pie can’t be rushed and whilst he is keen to add new flavours (like our Balti and Bacon,Pork & Parsley Pies) he knows that time is the secret to an honest to goodness pie..

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Artisan Butchers

The Real Pie Company was set up by a family of artisan butchers 13 years ago. Our customers loved our pies so much that we started a dedicated pie kitchen to cope with demand. We still hold true to our ‘freshly baked’ principles and all our pies are baked in small batches under the watchful eyes of our own chefs. Wherever possible and as the season allows, we use locally sourced products. Uncompromisingly wholesome pies delivered fresh to your door.

Crammed To The Crust

When you pick up one of our Real Pies you will notice it feels heavy that’s because it is ‘crammed to the crust’ with mouthwateringly tender chunks of meat in a rich gravy. You can’t hurry a master piece so the meat in our pies is slow cooked to make it succulent and tasty. Its all wrapped up with a light puff pastry top and a short crust base to the family recipe. But don’t take our word for it try one today

The Real Pie Philosophy

The Real Pie Company are passionate about Pies. Every pie is hand crafted and ‘crammed to the crust’ with mouthwateringly tender chunks of meat encased in a hand finished puff pastry top and a short crust base. Real Pies for Real Pie lovers.

Pie Production

Constantin Patrascu

Eggwashing all our pies individually

Aneta Marta Kosciuk

Weighing out all our delicious British ingredients

Brett Hornby & Christine Cossins

A batch of freshly made Pasties

Christine Cossins, Brett Hornby & Gregg Grori

Busy making pastry

Agotha Lelijak

Each pie is hand lidded by Agotha and her colleagues

Rafal Miler

Our very happy Chef