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  • Pies

    Chicken, Sage & Onion Pie


    Offering you an explosion of delicious flavours, our Chicken, Sage and Onion pie combines lots of tasty ingredients to create a pie that tastes simply divine. Crammed to the crust with chunks of chicken breast sourced in the UK, these pies are always an absolute hit around the dinner table, and both the shortcrust and puff pastry lid are made using secret family recipes. If you are looking for a chicken pie with a difference, this is the one to choose!

  • Pie Packs

    10 Piece British Chicken Selection


    This pack includes the following;

    • 2 Chicken & ham Pies (230g)
    • 2 Chicken & Leek Pies (230g)
    • 2 Chicken & Mushroom Pies (230g)
    • 2 Chicken, Sage & Onion Pies (230g)
    • 2 Chicken & Bacon Pies (230g)
  • Pies

    Chicken & Mushroom Pie


    A true British classic, our Chicken & Mushroom pie is the perfect comfort food for those looking for an indulgent, handmade meal. Crafted using chunks of UK bred chicken breast and tasty mushrooms, we fill the shortcrust pastry base to the brim before topping it off with a light puff pastry lid. This is one pie that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone around the dinner table.