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  • Pies

    Steak & Kidney Pie


    You can’t get more traditional than a Steak & Kidney pie, and ours has been handmade using grass-fed British beef for optimum flavour. With a delicious shortcrust pastry base and light puff pastry lid, this pie is an indulgent example of this English classic, and the hand-diced beef that we use makes it extra special. Excellent comfort foot and a hearty meal for the whole family, Steak & Kidney pie will always produce smiles around the dinner table.


  • Pies

    Chicken & Ham Pie


    Why have just one type of meat in your pie when you can have two? This simply divine Chicken & Ham pie has been handcrafted to create an amazing flavour combination, and its shortcrust pastry base and light puff pastry lid make it taste even better. We only use chunks of UK bred chicken breast in our pies, so you can be sure that you are getting the tastiest meat in every bite!


  • Pies

    Steak, Stilton & Mushroom Pie


    When only the heartiest, most luxurious pie will do, you’ll find it hard to beat our steak, stilton and mushroom pie. It’s no wonder that this is a Gold British Pie award winner – it’s packed with filling right to the crust, ensuring this is a true handmade treat for all the family. As always, there have been no compromises in the quality of the ingredients used here – this pie combines the finest juicy and tender British steak with fresh, creamy Stilton and hand-sliced mushrooms for a delicious and flavoursome dish that never fails to impress.



  • Pies

    Chicken & Mushroom Pie



    A true British classic, our Chicken & Mushroom Pie is the perfect comfort food for those looking for an indulgent, handmade meal. Crafted using chunks of UK bred chicken breast and tasty mushrooms, we fill the shortcrust pastry base to the brim before topping it off with a light puff pastry lid. This is one pie that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone around the dinner table.
    We also make Chicken & Mushroom Pie in a large size (650g). Click here.


  • Favourites

    Chicken & Mushroom Pie Large


    This large pie is filled with chunks of chicken breast and pieces of mushroom in creamy mushroom sauce. We use shortcrust pastry base topped with a light puff pastry lid. Large pie is perfect for a family.

    We also make Chicken & Mushroom Pie in a regular size. Click here.


  • Pies

    Steak & Mature Cheddar


    The combination of meat and cheese is enough to make anyone’s mouth water, and encasing it in shortcrust pastry before topping it with a light puff pastry lid just makes it even better. Our Steak & Mature Cheddar pie is an absolute delight on the taste buds, and as we only use grass-fed British beef you can be sure that they are made using the best ingredients. We think that this is the perfect pie for those looking for an indulgent meal full of flavour.


  • Pies

    Chicken & Leek Pie


    Using chunks of UK bred chicken breast and fresh leeks, we handcraft our Chicken & Leek pie to perfection safe in the knowledge that these great ingredients create a delicious flavour combination. Complementing this traditional filling is our tasty shortcrust pastry base and light puff pastry lid, both of which have been made using a secret family recipe. No wonder our Chicken & Leek pies are so popular!


  • Favourites

    Just Steak Pie


    Sometimes a classic meat pie is all you need, and our plain steak option fits this description perfectly! With hand-diced British beef surrounded in shortcrust pastry with a puff pastry lid, this pie allows you to enjoy the delicious flavour of the meat with no fuss. Each one is prepared by hand so you know that you are in for a treat when you opt for our Just Steak Pie.


  • Vegetarian/Vegan

    Chestnut Mushroom, Leek & Stilton


    This item is temporarily out of stock.


    Our chestnut mushroom, leek and Stilton pie is the living proof that not every delicious pie has to contain meat! This is our vegetarian special, but it won’t fail to impress even the most committed meat-eater. Containing only the freshest and tastiest ingredients, this pie is well on its way to becoming one of our most popular.

    This pie filling combines three outstanding ingredients which perfectly complement each other for the most delicious flavour in every mouthful. We pair sliced chestnut mushrooms with sautéed leeks and then add the finest Sussex creamy Stilton cheese together with a light and creamy sauce that really gives this pie its unique character.

    The handmade shortcrust base and light puff pastry lid are prepared to a traditional family recipe that’s famous for its texture and taste. It’s no wonder that the final result is a veggie-friendly pie that would be perfect for a special occasion, or even as part of an everyday family meal.


  • Sausage Rolls

    Pork & Wholegrain Mustard Sausage Roll


    Our traditional sausage roll with a twist.  We added some wholegrain mustard to the finest minced pork for a little extra kick and then hand rolled it in our delicious handmade pastry. The result is sure to delight your taste buds.


  • Pies

    Steak & Mushroom Pie


    Steak & Mushroom pie offers a classic flavour combination that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. Made with hand diced grass-fed British beef, a tasty shortcrust base, and a light puff pastry lid, our Steak & Mushroom pie is a cut above the rest, and our delicious secret family recipe is sure to keep you guessing! A truly satisfying dinner option, this pie has been crammed to the crust with filling which makes it tastes extra indulgent.


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